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Upcoming Changes to This Site in 2021

Upcoming changes in 2021

It has been almost two years since I published even a single thing on this site. Originally it was because the job I had been working towards picked up to a level where the time needed to manage this site became too much to handle on top of two jobs and a growing family.

Then when the time did become available it had been over a year since my last post, and that is terrifying. Disappearing for over a year only to pop up randomly. So the site sat and sat. Until Christmas Day 2020, when I had an individual reach out to me regarding buying my domain from me. It was very intriguing so I heard them out. They offered $100 USD to buy my domain from me that day. It was at this point that I faced a crossroads. Do I sell my domain, and therefore my site, or do I finally put my fear and excuses behind me and start posting again?

What I learned

What I learned from last time

After going back and forth with the individual for several weeks I eventually decided to bring the site back. But I’m going to do it differently this time. Previously I let the perfectionist in me take the reins, to the point where I would be writing and re-writing articles tons of times. Eventually deciding it would never be perfect and publishing it anyway. This would take me forever to do and it would leave me constantly rushed to put out one article every week.

However, it did teach me a lot about blog writing. And I took those skills and applied them to write a number of articles for my company’s knowledge base. By doing this and having it on topics that weren’t personalized and simply informational it allowed me to work on the speed at which I write, and the process in which I do it to a level where I can put out both a quality that I am happy with, with consistency and speed that is sustainable.

Moving forward

So moving forward this is my plan. I am hoping to bring back this blog and teach people what I am continuing to learn on a daily basis about financial, and financial independence topics. As well as ensuring that I hold myself accountable to the goals I set. I have built a backlog of content and generated a ton of ideas before even starting.

As of now, I have written an article definitely worth checking out, as I have begun experimenting with using cryptocurrency for passive income in my life. You can see it here.

Here’s to a new, better 2021, and a new, better Spending Done Right in 2021 and the years to come!


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