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Financial Freedom Begins Here!

Schedule for Spending Done Right

So how do I plan on solving my financial problems? How will the posts work? Will you even teach me anything or will this be more of a journal? I’ll answer all of those questions here as well as giving you my jumping off point, my goals, and my expectations.

Financial Goals

So what are my goals? For ease, and depending when you’re reading it, I have broken it down into Short-term, Mid-term, and Long-term. For timeline’s sake, today is June 1, 2018 (Although this post won’t go up until a couple days later). I personally qualify short-term as within 6 months, mid-term as within 5 years, and long-term as within 8 years. So let’s get into it.


My roommate and I are going on vacation in mid-September for two weeks, I currently pay $350 a month towards all of the up-front costs, but I want to save an additional $1,500 and get my credit card paid off since I won’t get paid while gone, as well as requiring spending money. This is a lofty goal, but I believe it will be possible.


Mid-term I hope to develop an emergency fund of approximately $9,000.00, as well as develop an “investment fund”, wherever that may live, of $10,000.00.


In late 2021 the two items currently in collections will be removed, significantly boosting my credit score. I am hoping to have an investment fund large enough to begin investing in real estate by this time and exponentially growing my wealth and increasing my financial freedom.

Financial Plan

So now that the goals have been discussed what’s the plan to accomplish all of these things?

Initially, I plan to cut my expenses hardcore. This includes eating out less, buying more used instead of new, and re-evaluating what I call necessities for life. In a more long-term approach, I hope to begin generating passive income through a variety of fields, as well as increasing my clientele for my day job.

I believe that eventually, this blog will contribute to my passive income stream, but it should be noted that that is not a focus at this time.

How Will Blog Posts Work?

So as much as this blog is focussed around increasing my net worth, and keeping me accountable I also hope to teach you what I learn along the way. So here is how the upload schedule will work:

Every Friday – A how-to or similar style article

Every other Wednesday – An update on my financial status

Non-update Wednesday – Random article, that will be new each week. So make sure to check back!

Financial blog post schedule

Will You Even Teach Me Anything?

Through my months of preparation for this, I have learned a great deal about financial management and the tools associated with it. As a small-business owner, I have also learned a great deal about self-motivation, productivity, taxes, and more. And finally, as a college student with no money and little support from my family monetarily I have been in some pretty bad situations and learned to rise out of them.

It is through the weekly how-to articles that I will attempt to pass on all of this information to you so that you can begin implementing it in your own life and grow with me.

My Jumping-off Point

So how much do I have to my name right now, in cash? This is an easy question to answer. I currently have 8 accounts. 4 business, 3 personal, as well as 1 account receivable.


Chequing: $47.53

As this was written on June 1 my chequing was recently depleted to pay for my benefits package

Savings 1: $0.00

Savings 2: $0.00

Savings 3: $0.00

I will go into what each of these accounts is for in an upcoming blog post. If you are reading this after I have posted it you can visit it here.


Bank 1

Savings: $0.00

This account exists only so that I can e-transfer onto my credit card when the need arises and instantly get more credit, versus waiting for two days.

Bank 2

Chequing: $0.30

TFSA: $0.79

As this was written on June 1 my chequing was recently depleted to pay rent

Accounts Receivable

At the time of writing there is currently one overdue invoice for $590.50 outstanding.


This leaves the total amount of accessible cash at my disposal at $48.62, with $590.50 incoming soon.

So no matter how much of a bad start you have right now, I’m sure you’ll see that even this measly beginning can make a big difference.

My Expectations

So what do I expect to get out of all of this? What do I plan to accomplish? What do I need, if anything, from you, the reader?

I expect this site and all of the blog posts within it to help me get out of debt, and hold me liable for that in the long-term. If this site helps me save even a penny more than I pay for it, it will be worth the time I am investing in my opinion.

And what do I need from you oh dear reader who made it to the end of this, my very first blog post? I need you to share this everywhere, on every social media platform you can. Make this blog boom so that I have more people to be accountable to, and more people to share my knowledge with. If you tag me in it on Twitter and tag @SpendDoneRight1, I’ll re-tweet you!

Thank you,


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