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Financial Fails Friday: Week 2!

financial fails friday week 2

Today marks the second week of Financial Fails Friday! An archive I’m hoping to build, later able to look back on and learn from earlier mistakes I may have made.


And this week was surprisingly good.


The biggest fail this week was forgetting to cancel a recurring subscription.


For a short time during my hiatus that I took, I dappled with the idea of hiring employees to increase the amount of active work that I could complete. This required me to enlist the help of Wave (the accounting service I use) to track those employees wage, get them paid, make remittance payments to the government, etc. I stopped this service after a single month because I found it wasn’t really worth it to have employees as all the extra money I made simply went straight to the employees.


With that said, to get said employees T4’s I had to temporarily restore my subscription, print them and cancel it. Initially, after receiving 2 weeks free when I restarted it, which worked out perfectly for my needs but alas, I forgot to cancel it as I had originally planned so on February 6 it charged me $21 for a service I didn’t even need.


So needless to say, ALWAYS BE SURE TO CANCEL. This happened with Amazon Prime earlier in 2018 too. You’d think I’d learn my lesson…


Beyond that, with only 9 pretty much routine transactions under my belt this week I’m qualifying it a win!


Let me know if you have any subscriptions you’ve let slip through the cracks in the comments below (I’m guessing Amazon and Netflix are big ones) and I’ll see you next week for the third edition of Financial Fails Friday!




P.S. If you’re interested in seeing what fails I have on an as-they-happen basis make sure to follow me on Twitter!

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