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3 Life Lessons I Learned By Switching Website Hosts

life lessons learned by switching hosts

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, you will have seen that I recently switched hosts for Spending Done Right. Originally I was with Hostgator, and now I’m with a small company named Setrahost.

So why did I make this switch, and what did I learn? It breaks down into three key areas.

1. Sunk Cost Bias

When looking at Hostgator’s website they advertise a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 99.9% of the time your website will be working or you get your money back. Seems simple enough. It wasn’t…

Within 4 days of deciding to go with Hostgator, before I had even finished the initial design for the site or written a single blog post, my website went down for 18 straight hours.

Later that month it went down for 3 days, and then went down for an additional 18 hours near the end of the second month.

But, needless to say, they weren’t reliable.

But even after all of that, it took multiple days for me to switch from them; and why?

Sunk. Cost. Bias.

This is where you have already invested time and money into something and, rather than let it go, as you should, you are determined to press on.

For the most part, it is bad to succumb to it and can lead to you working almost as if you had blinders.

2. When you find a great company, stick with them

My third and easily favourite lesson I learned from this whole experience is that when you find a great company it is worth it to stick with them.

When a company is fantastic it makes everything easier when dealing with them!

3. Do your research

Not enough research really is the cause of all of these issues and can help you avoid them all.

Had I read reviews of Hostgator I would have seen that over the past several months their service has significantly declined, and their servers grew increasingly outdated.

But I didn’t.

I wish I had researched and read more reviews before making my decision to avoid this.

Final Thoughts

So as much as this is formulated like steps to avoid bad hosting it is also kind of a review of Setrahost. And I must say, so far during my time using them, 5 stars all around.

So, do your research, pick a company you love working with, and don’t sacrifice because of sunk cost.


If this is your first time on my site you can find my Social Media links on the side and check out my latest financial update here to see how these life lessons affect my finances!

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